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Dr. Paul has helped hundreds of patients find long-lasting pain relief with minimally invasive cellular therapies. Watch some of his inspiring patient stories to learn how cell-based treatments helped these patients return to doing the activities they love!

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A Former Olympic Rower Finds His Stride Again

This patient was an Olympic rower for 4 years and suffered from significant back pain his entire career. He thought his back pain would end when he retired from rowing, but it continued to worsen. Over the next 10 years, he saw numerous doctors and underwent several treatments, but his pain persisted. Finally, one doctor realized the pain was originating in his hip, not his back. He underwent surgical repair of a hip cartilage tear, but continued to have low back pain and hip flexion irritation.

A physical therapist referred him to Dr. Paul, who recommended platelet-rich plasma injections. This patient began experiencing relief almost immediately after receiving PRP treatment. Once healing began, he was able to make significant improvements with physical therapy to retrain his muscles and get back into alignment. He’s thrilled with the increased hip and leg movement he has now. Recently, he sat down at a rowing machine for the first time in years and discovered his technique was even better now than it was when he was a professional rower.

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A Mountaineer Returns to Hiking Up Mountains, Pain-Free

This patient was an avid mountaineer and hiker until a metatarsal foot injury put him out of commission. He couldn’t hike or bear weight on his foot and his toe looked visibly deformed. He spent 4 months in a boot and 8-9 months waiting for the injury to heal on its own, but it never did. Finally, he landed at Dr. Paul’s door and received 2 rounds of platelet-rich plasma injections. Now he’s hiking up mountains again, pain-free.

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A 77-Year-Old Woman Finds Relief From Constant Knee Pain

Before receiving treatment from Dr. Paul, this patient was suffering from left knee pain due to a meniscus tear. She couldn’t walk comfortably and she was in a constant state of discomfort. She underwent a bone marrow injection in her left knee and immediately felt pain relief. More than 2 years after her procedure, she’s still pain-free and walking comfortably. She loves to ride the stationary bike at the gym, walk, and hike. The number of steps she took on her most recent hiking trip was the equivalent of climbing up 16 flights of stairs.


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This Patient Can Walk His Dog Again, Pain-Free

Over the years, this patient had suffered multiple knee injuries that left him with significant knee pain. He was having difficulty doing his favorite activity: walking and running with his dog. After receiving bone marrow treatment under Dr. Paul, this patient has 100% improved pain and mobility. He’s been happily walking his dog again, and he recently took a trip to New York, where he and his wife walked all around the city every day. He was pain-free throughout it all.


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An Avid Guitarist and Surfer Regains Full Use of His Thumbs

Being seeing Dr. Paul, this patient felt hopeless about regaining full use of his thumbs again. He was experiencing pain and loss of movement in both thumbs. He felt very depressed about his inability to play guitar, bike ride, surf, or play with his kids. Doctors told him that his only option was thumb reconstruction. But after meeting with Dr. Paul, this patient received 8 platelet-rich plasma injections in both thumbs. Now, he can use both hands again and he’s overjoyed to be able to play with his kids freely.

Watch the video to hear his treatment story!

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